Video production services

Commercial video production on the Internet is a powerful and an effective marketing tool that propels sales and increases brand awareness. The video is better perceived by customers because it's way easier and faster to watch a video rather than read a text. In modern digital marketing, Internet video production is not a luxury feature but a real necessity in case you want to interact effectively with your customers.


How to Video?

TV and Youtube Commercial

Product promo Video

Ukrainian Chamber of Commerce promo

Artist Clip

Artist Clip



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Packages & Pricing

Script / Storyboard
Simple-branded animation
BEE identity - 30 sec
Script / Storyboard
Custom creative graphics
Branded animation
Royalty-free background music
Tell them All - 120 sec
Script / Storyboard
Custom creative graphics
Branded animation
Royalty-free background music

How digital video production can be helpful for your business

Increase conversion rate

The video is an informative, emotional, trusty and modern tool that grabs customer’s attention. Customers who watched the video make a purchase decision 85% more often than the ones who didn't. Thus, video is the right way to increase conversion rate and increase sales.


Improve rankings and increase traffic

From the SEO perspective, video is an additional display in the search engine results page with the potential to make it to the very top. In fact, having a video on the page gives you the chance to land in the TOP positions for free and significantly increase the organic traffic.


Increase brand awareness

Due to its self-promotion ability in social networks, nicely done video can raise your brand awareness by several times during the relatively short period of time. Wherein, video production costs for the Internet commercial are pretty low. Creating a video is investing in the long-term brand’s asset.

What we do to achieve that

Develop and implement video marketing strategy

After analyzing and identifying the product’s audience, we choose the most relevant format for information presentation, plan video production and determine where and how it is the best to post a video. Furthermore, we define ways to promote video in order to cover the target audience as much as possible and generate maximum leads.


Create high-quality video of different formats

We create commercials that show the essence and the value of your product or service. Depending on your marketing goals you may need to create a promotional video of various types: viral, product, image-building, studying, or review – with DIGITAL BEE video production services you'll get precisely what you need to convert a prospect into a loyal customer.


Optimize video

Video production for websites and posting commercials on the Internet is not the final part. Each video has to be optimized in order to reach the target audience. We know exactly how to do it properly on different video delivery channels to guarantee the best result possible.

Why DIGITAL BEE video production service

We are not just making videos, we solve problems

Video is just the tool to achieve previously set goals. You set a goal – we offer a solution how to achieve it with the help of video marketing. For example, for our client TeamDesk we have targeted YouTube All-roll commercials for specific search queries. Google Analytics reports show that 20% of viewers watch the commercial till the end and the conversion rockets to 15%.


Only “whitehat” and modern video promotion methods

We have a great expertise in of video promotion. All our tactics are deemed acceptable by search engines, so you won't get any penalties. Moreover, we constantly adapt them in accordance with the changing Google rules to keep the promotion as effective as possible.


Conversion-focused approach

Our full service digital agency creates effective videos that make your landing, product page or social network community highly conversional. By combining creativity and simplicity, originality and proven tactics, our videos can significantly increase the target audience engagement.

Do you need a catchy video that will attract new clients and increase your brand awareness?

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