Smart Money - Startup Marketing Plan & Strategy

According to a poll by Fortune, 14% of startups fail because of poor marketing. Raising the funds is not enough: your startup needs marketing expertise to use them effectively. Our partner, investment company Digital Future, provides you with these funds, and Digital Bee makes sure they are correctly applied to kick-start your startup.

Smart Money - marketing for startups. What can it do for you?

Provide the marketing expertise your startup needs

Many startups can’t afford a full-size marketing team, even though all of them need one. With Digital Bee, you get enough expertise and manpower to develop and implement your startup marketing strategy.


Fund your marketing activities

Whatever marketing activities your startup needs, each of them requires a certain budget. Smart Money provides your startup with the funds to spend and an expert team that knows how to spend it wisely.


Ensure your successful business launch

You won’t have a second chance to launch your business. It’s important to have the right marketing strategy before you take your product to the market. You can’t wait until afterwards to get the money you need for marketing.

What we do to achieve that

Analyze your target market and develop a strategy

Based on your product and target market, we plan a step-by-step strategy and identify the marketing activities that will be the most effective in your case.


Allocate a portion of invested funds to marketing

A portion of the funds you have raised with Digital Future goes to your marketing. You get a marketing team, a strategy, and an advertising budget as an all-in-one package.


Execute and optimize marketing activities

As we follow the marketing plan, we track the KPIs on every marketing activity and constantly optimize these activities to achieve the maximum ROI.

Why us

Marketing agency, interested in your success

Digital Bee and Digital Future are part of one corporation, which means we invest in marketing for startups, we plan it, and we execute it. No other marketing agency will be as interested in your success as your own investor.


Full-funnel marketing

Our digital advertising agency don’t just help you launch your business and leave you there. As a full-funnel agency, we set up your marketing from acquiring your first customers to retaining them and increasing their loyalty.


$25,000 or more in marketing funds

Several Ukrainian startups, including Jeapie, Nravo, Easy Ads, and MissinGames have already received startup investments from Digital Future. The funds, allocated to marketing, can reach and exceed $25,000.

Apply today to receive marketing funds and expertise

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