SEO Optimization

You already know why your website needs more traffic and better traffic. Search engine optimization is what brings you this traffic, with high return on your investment and long-lasting results. Digital Bee’s SEO services are provided with one goal in mind: bring people who are searching for your products right to your website.

What SEO optimization service by Digital Bee company can do for you

Increase organic traffic

About 60% of all clicks in search results go to the top 3 positions. The higher your website ranks for relevant keywords, the bigger share of organic traffic you get.


Increase credibility

Search engine users know that only relevant, high-quality websites get to the top. That’s why they associate high rankings with more credible businesses and better products. You rank well = you are trustworthy.


Deliver high ROI

The ROI on search engine optimization is high, because it’s a cost-effective and long-term tactic. You get quality organic traffic, which is ultimately cheaper than paid one. Moreover, you continue getting it for months and years.

What we do to achieve that

Research and select the right keywords

We research your audience’s search queries and select the optimal keywords, based on your goals. These include long-tail key phrases that bring more relevant traffic and ‘money’ keywords that bring people, who are looking to buy.


Audit your website and optimize on-page

Our full service digital agency examines your website in terms of structure, potential technical issues, and content. After this SEO audit, we determine how to optimize each element for search engine robots and relevant search queries.


Build quality backlinks

We identify relevant, trustworthy resources and have them link back to you. No risky or shady methods: we acquire links to your website naturally, by integrating SEO advertising with your content and social media strategy.

Why us

White-hat SEO only

We’ll never put your website at risk of a Google penalty. All SEO optimization tactics we use are white-hat: ‘clean’, long-term, and deemed acceptable by search engines.


Up-to-date SEO techniques

Search engine optimization is an ever-changing game. We constantly watch out for Google updates to stay ahead of it. Whatever new rules Google comes up with, your website will be prepared for them.


Understanding SEO ‘in the West’

More fierce competition for SERP positions, the growing importance of social signals - we know these and other peculiarities of SEO in global markets, as compared with Runet.

Want higher rankings and more organic traffic?

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