Media Buying / PPC Marketing

Smart media buying helps you reach the exact audiences that are likely to buy from you, with predictable acquisition costs and results. From acquiring new leads to converting your website visitors to increasing customer loyalty, Digital Bee’s media buying service makes the most of your advertising budget.

What media buying & PPC campaigns management can do for you

Achieve your planned CAC

Programmatic media buying technology optimizes your campaigns to maximize their CTRs, while maintaining the CAC you have planned. You always know how much you’ll be spending on acquiring a customer.


Reach highly targeted audiences

With Big Data, media buying has become highly targeted. You can display ads to consumers, based on more than their search queries or behavior on your website: their interests, preferences, habits, social interactions.


Reach users across their customer journey

Programmatic ad display allows reaching users across different steps of their customer journey. By integrating campaigns for look-alike audiences, remarketing and loyalty campaigns, you cover all stages from acquisition to revenue.

What we do to achieve that

Launch PPC and native advertising campaigns

We launch PPC campaigns (pay-per-click ) on Google, Yahoo, Bing, and come up with a native advertising strategy. It can include sponsored articles on blogs and other media, sponsored posts in Twitter and Facebook feeds, and much more.


Display your ads with programmatic technology

According to a media plan we develop for you, your ads are placed on a variety of media, using programmatic technology. We can also carry out media buying using Double Click Bid Manager. Advantages of Double Click:

  • purchase optimization at different stages of consumer funnel ('reducing the cost of achieving the goals' algorithm);
  • real-time reports;
  • the ability to reach a wider audience;
  • access to premium sites;
  • interactive advertising formats;
  • access to Google data that makes it possible to target advertising on complete profiles.

As a result, programmatic buying ensures predictable CAC and highly accurate targeting.


Place your advertising on premium media

If presence on a premium media resource helps achieve your marketing goals, we will negotiate with these resources directly and place your advertising there.

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Why us

Access to Big Data for look-alike modeling

Our digital advertising agency combines the data you have on your customers with all the other data, available about them (everything from recent searches to shopping behavior). Based on these ‘portraits’, the system identifies and reaches users who are most similar to your customers.



Access to premium inventory

We have access to a large media inventory database, which expands your opportunities for reaching the right audience. This includes premium inventory: you can advertise on specific resources with premium ad placement


Full-funnel approach

Our PPC specialists see media buying as a way to not only acquire new customers, but also activate existing ones and increase their loyalty. With this full-funnel approach, you reach all customers, not only those who are about to make their first purchase.

Make the most of your advertising budget

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