Google Analytics Audit and Setup

Google Analytics is one of the most accessible and at the same time one of the best tools for analyzing business data. However, to make the most of it, it is vital to set it up properly and get the properly trained person to work with it. DIGITAL BEE experts precisely know how to set up Google Analytics the right way. This will help you consolidate the information, deeply analyze the data and standardize the sales funnel for your business.

What setting up Google Analytics can do for you

Give the complete data on the audience

Knowledge and understanding of your target audience are the keys to the success in any business. Proper Google Analytics setup lets you collect behavioral, transactional and other data that makes it possible to learn about the customer a little less than everything. This information helps you understand the desires of each client and create a specific proposal for him.


Optimize sales funnel and increase conversion

Our experience shows that changing the sales funnel based on the information received via Google Analytics can increase page's conversion rate considerably. At the same time, the resources, required to implement the changes, are minimal.


Cut the advertising costs

After you set up Google Analytics account and tune it correctly, you will be able to accurately evaluate the effectiveness of various advertising channels. Due to the segmentation of the audience and a precise targeting, you then can decrease the volume of purchased advertising. Consequently, the budget of an advertising campaign reduces while its effectiveness increases.

Altogether, this makes it possible for your business to grow and scale.

What we do to achieve that

Provide a comprehensive analysis of your business and your site

We analyze your business and website comprehensively in terms of your trade offer and discover the "bottlenecks" of your sales funnel. Also, we determine how to set up Google Analytics, configure it properly and which of the many functions should be used to maximize the effect.


Personalize your sales funnel configuration in Google Analytics

We test several sales funnels and analyze received data on user behavior. Then we set up a funnel so that the maximum amount of clients was passing it from the first contact to purchase.


Recommend, how to set up Google Analytics on the client's side

Based on the conducted analysis, our experts provide step-by-step guidance on internal Google Analytics optimization and server setup on the client's side. We always test the changes we implement, analyze the results and, if necessary, optimize them to use the most effective option.

Why us

High-end experts

DIGITAL BEE experts' high level of professionalism is confirmed by Google certification, obtained through Google Analytics Individual Qualification exam (with the result of 95%). In addition to the broad theoretical knowledge, our experts have extensive successful experience of practical work with Google Analytics.


Partnership with Google

DIGITAL BEE digital agency is a partner of Google. This gives us – and you as our client – a competitive advantage. Google provides us with an extensive support and quality control of our projects. It also allows us to be ready for any Google updates and changes to keep our Internet marketing techniques up-to-date.


Huge experience and unique expertise

For one of our clients, we have set up Google Analytics on 200 sites, having created an effective tool for detailed audience research and conversion increase. Our expertise combines the usage of proven and effective practices with the unique experience of working specifically for Western markets with a 'Western' customer in mind.

Make the right business decisions with the data from properly set up Google Analytics

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