Digital Marketing Strategy

A strategic approach to digital marketing lets you focus on what matters: your business goals, and invest only in those tactics that help you achieve these goals. Let Digital Bee develop a complex digital marketing strategy for you, tailored to your specific objectives and using the tactics we have tested ourselves.

What digital marketing strategies can do for you

Achieve your business goals, not intermediate KPIs

At the end of the day, you are not looking to improve the CTR of your ads or increase traffic. Your goals are acquiring new customers, increasing their lifetime value, and ultimately increasing revenue. That’s what your strategy will focus on.


Solve your tasks strategically

Your digital marketing strategy goes beyond the ‘one activity - one outcome’ model. To achieve long-term business objectives, you need to approach them strategically and plan a complex of activities that work towards one goal.


Coordinate your marketing efforts

Instead of investing into separate tactics and solving micro problems with each of them, you coordinate all your marketing efforts. This allows you to plan your marketing budget in a smarter way.

What we do to achieve that

Segment your audience

We research and segment your audience based on behavioral, demographic, and other data to understand which buyer personas we will be targeting and how to address each of them.


Model buyer decision processes for each segment

Based on the characteristics of each segment, we model buyer decision processes for each, including their post-purchase behavior.


Plan relevant communications with each segment at each stage

Each segment of your audience will be going through the acquisition, activation, retention, referral, and revenue stages. We plan relevant communications with each segment at each of these stages.

Why us

Strategic approach, focused on your business goals

Our full service digital agency start with your long-term business goals and plan a complex of activities that help achieve them. Their success is determined not by intermediate KPIs like cost per lead, but by whether your goals are accomplished or not.


Guaranteed milestone results

As we develop digital strategies for marketing, we identify milestone results for each step of these strategies. We assume legal and financial responsibility for the results promised: if they are not achieved, you have the right to revise our agreement.


Strategies and tactics we tested ourselves

We won’t be offering you ‘best practices’, marketing digital strategies and tactics that should work. We’ll offer you those that do work, and we know that because we have been successfully using them for our own projects.

Achieve your business goals with a well-planned strategy

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